Violent Gospels


Violent Gospels - EP

by Eric Vain

Released 10/31/2017
Released 10/31/2017
  • 03:19 Lyrics For Whom a God Cries For?

    Walk on fire to meet your maker 

    These terrible lies seek out your taker 

    Destroy it's heart, slowly beating for stranger things all misleading 


    And when the rhythms fold 

    And time's no longer king 

    I'd live inside the pendulum of your broken clock

    And when I'm ready to fall 

    And take all hell with me 

    I'd live inside hotel-rooms of your empty eye(s)


    Stand paralyzed what time is feeding 

    Stupid of wise there's no real meaning 

    Gathered by will or fucking glory

  • 03:29 Lyrics When Sabotaged...

    And I feel nameless 

    When the cars collide with wind 

    And I can't see out the windows anymore 

    And I cannot feel what I once adored 


    And hits the rain again 

    And time strikes out again 

    And I cannot not feel this anymore 

    I cannot feel this anymore, no more


    Breathe real heavy into tin 

    Metals wrap around like warmth 

    And I saw on the summer night 

    Was just another life pass me by 


  • 02:05 Lyrics In the Bones

    In the bones it is naked, and the future's getting wet
    When the hands impress the master
    You can feel it in his sweat

    Hey! Pain! 
    There is no whispering it

    Hit the ground, feel it louder, licking love up of the floor 
    Once a king, now a stranger
    What's your price to be adored?

    Hey! Pain! 
    There is no whispering it

  • 01:57 Lyrics Dance with Your Dead

    I hold your hand
    Dance with your dead
    You help me breathe
    I shake and sing GLORIA
    Dance with your dead

  • 03:13 Lyrics Queer

    And he groans with his moans through his needs as a queer

    And he wails in his dreams when he cries as a queer  

    I want more. I want more, more than this Give me more  


    And he loves when he cums inside them as a queer

    When he talks he bites his nails to hides his hands as a queer  

    I want more. I want more, more than this Give me more  


    Oh how could they love you like I do, I do yeah

  • 03:26 Lyrics Oh, My Lovely Pilgrim!

    As if in a dream, he stole from my heart and then my soul 
    In such a charming way, I'd beg to fit the mold
    Fed the dead, and plucked the feathers to be sold 
    Blinded by mercy strings, & sold blood for go 

    Yeah we sold our blood for gold

    I beg forgiveness, yet a heathen gets no grace 
    I drift among sea's that sow forsaken waste
    I shot a bullet that has traveled backwards home
    Oh, my lovely pilgrim, I trade my soul for stone 
    Yeah we trade our soul for stone