Pedestals for the Broken


  • 03:28 Lyrics Your Daughters + Rivers

     I swing amongst a pool

    Care not if I’m a fool 

    I will not wipe the drool

    That runs right down to you 


    And you ask me, what belief my god has?

    As I feel my cock pulled through my pants 

    And whisper “Your doors have something more” 

    And I tell you, “I’m ain’t worth die’n for!”


    I taking off my soul 

    As well as all my clothes 

    To see what you’ll do with this

    Blood from a smaller fist 


    And you ask me, to call you pelagic things

    And I smell your faith while fucking me 

    And you ask me “Deep in can I feel your whore?” 

    And I told you, “I ain’t worth die’n for!” 


  • 04:38 Lyrics ... and Stories of Beautiful Lives (Remastered Version)

    You touch at my flesh but I no longer feel familiar 

    There is a hole.  See where I bury my behavior

    It’s a lonely ghost that haunts a peculiar state I fall

    Though don’t know how the hell that I am there 


    You are what I could fear 


    A train of death 

    No derail - tracks are built like a god

    Glory perspired and is stripped with all my red, red, red blood

    There is a hole where signs point toward surrender 

    Though I don’t know how the hell I could ever end it here


    Suppose you’re I what fear 


    Run under hills into my hole

    This is the place that I call home 

  • 01:18 Lyrics Devil Metal

    Swallowed the heart, and drank its mercy 

    I smell the blood 

    I enter here with no peace 



  • 03:43 Lyrics Sovereignty

    Feeling I’m reckless here 

    Same as yesterday 

    The charm of a hunter is life falls in the gaze


    When they told me that your leaving, I knew meant gone 

    When they told me you’d be sorry, I knew meant wronged 


    Feelings disillusioned dear

    Starring at the winds 

    That tear me even deeper than, I have ever been 

  • 04:43 Lyrics Bow + Arrow

    When I feel alive 

    Fingers deep inside 

    Wakened or taken by 

    love that always lies


    Say you'll stay, even though it hurts (you)

    Say you'll stay though feel nothing 


    Contrary to my stare

    Wounds ride without me there 

    When the scars do appear 

    remind’s me of you my dear 


    (I) will never let you go, unknown.