In Best of War & Love 2004.2007


From 1982

Eric Vain
Eric Vain


Will eat that fire and the liar you breathe
Swallow the questions that mean shit to me
Had man itself, oh what a recyclable breed
The simpletons are not so ordinary
Rip through words that felt extensive
The meaningless old definitions
Tear my limbs will condemnation?
Trade a soul for a generation
I sing all that is wrong, in every single song
The Jealous lovers that need, Passionate travesty
Can starve forever on a terrible dream
And take for granted in wonderful means
Strike a deal with god through prayer & things
That solve the hunger its fury will bring
Knock on walls of past existence
Strom the halls as if a witness
Call out to a higher sanction
Trade a soul for a severed nation
You’ll run to every wrong, as I walk through the song 
Familiar things that bleed, for silly catastrophes
I’m taking all that I say in, pleading an inside way
Your reading into a truth, I will be writing to you 
From 1982