True La La

Eric Vain
Eric Vain


  • I'd say you're all I imagined, and you'd say no we're much more  
  • We'd talk until were stupid, and we'd fuck like nuclear war  
  • We'd say we stay forever, and by that we meant till death  
  • It's funny and peculiar how those words seem to surpass  
  • Suddenly we're addicts, violent for a greater high  
  • And sadly, my love, we all hate good-byes 
  • I'd swear you were my savior, and you'd swear I was your own  
  • Like spinning all great epics into one super unknown  
  • As if we were a sovereignty that no one quite could grasp  
  • It's funny and it's lame how utopias just break like glass  
  • Redundantly the Woes smoke twenty-thousand cigarettes 
  • And sadly, my love, "godsends" never last