Love-Lettered Minnesota

Eric Vain
Eric Vain


  • Dear Minnesota,
    I've eloped here with my recital memory.
    Fucking in and outside cars and parliaments.
    Not awaiting a poetic splendor not trashy sentiment.
    Cannot say there is a need of you.
    Maybe I believe your Jesus is a communist.
    And maybe I believe you love in a tidal wave here created for the awe of deconstruction.
    I've sidetracked, of coarse.
    Forgot this was for you.
    Take, if you will, my love letters of seedy and spiritual ease.
    Orphaned, I dig up every mustard seed with no need of being proved otherwise.
    I don't want your government but I'm so in love with your government.
    For nothing is as perfect as a question with little or no value or answer.