From the Get-Go and Into the Ghetto

Eric Vain
Eric Vain


  • Fell into the no inhibitions  
  • My gut-wrenched heart damned me this mission
  • And I would stay Yeah, I would stay and I would stay with you always  
  • And now I hate Yes, now I hate that I now say  
  • Our love would then fade away 
  • Our love surely turn cliche  
  • Our love would not rejuvenate  
  • And our love would then be our hate  
  • Still I taint all this emotion  
  • Still recreate to find the notion  
  • And now I cry And now I cry And now I cry for what could have been  
  • But I'll make it die, I'll make it die to live the lie that...  
  • Our love would just tear away  
  • Our love would disconsolate  
  • Our love would tell us what a waste  
  • Our love vastly disintegrates 
  • Oh, and you'll be my world Oh, till the end unfurls