Black Lung


Black Lung

by Eric Vain

Released 10/31/2018
Released 10/31/2018
  • 01:36 Godspeed
  • 05:51 Lyrics Melodramatize Me

    Heavy are the highs and lows, keeping me  afloat... we arrive on angles

    Wings to be clipped soon, splitting a heart in two... we cry on shoulders


    Faith won’t take me higher than grace

    It won’t take me higher then waste 

    It’s a ripe & rotten place to own your name 


    Steady all the colors that blur, speaking the words that slur mechanically 

    Riding on leap of haste, choking up all the space to cast as failure 



    Will I choose another road? 

    Will I choose another robe?

  • 03:51 Lyrics Black Lung

    a deity obstructed me 

    Stalking where rhymes once brought my line

    Your Blue heart, My black lung 


    With a left hand heaven with fall 


    An ocean seized, revved jealously 

    That sent us where we tread to dare 

    Your Blue heart, My black Lung 


  • 04:49 Lyrics No Charm 2 a Beat

    I'd stay awake to hear the torture 

    I'd take that line to live in fiction

    And follow shadows, no longer footsteps

    Where branches fall, no longer breathing


    crash of thunders tear me old 

    Underbelly swallows me whole 


    I'd bury love to have no blindness 

    I'd find that place to hide from god 

    And live a monster, no longer needing 

    Where creatures cry, no longer cold

  • 03:06 Lyrics Eulogy

    I heard the lying in your choice 

    I heard the laughing in your voice 

    I saw the jottings on your wall 

    Of the wounds you want to remember... I want to remember 


    I felt the stagger in your feet 

    I smelled desire in your need 

    You cut the markings in my wrists 

    That’s bleeds as good intention... I want to remember


Black Lung
There’s a innocuous but ominous metronome tone that guides this entire track that I just love. It kept me riveted. It’s this element of consistency that underscores the gritty scuzzy echo that builds to the vocal layering on the chorus. There’s an intensity here that stays steady but builds emotionally throughout the song. Just when I get lost in your vocals (which I love doing) the song kind …
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